18 July: Android Developer Office Hours


This week’s topic: “Google Cloud Messaging” with Francesco Nerieri!
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  1. lisacutieful says:

    they need a bigger mic

  2. Ray Georges says:

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  3. Turbanawesomeness says:

    The best java book ever is the “Introduction to Programming Using Java” by David J. Eck

  4. alexander kiser says:

    thats their job.

  5. yacobir says:

    So what is the answer for the first question??
    That was the top voted for question!

  6. commodore6040 says:

    And that’s not nice at all.

  7. commodore6040 says:

    That’s Trevor.

  8. commodore6040 says:

    i guess so?

  9. androiddevelopers says:

    Sorry about the music playing over the first question — I hit the wrong button!

  10. Daverix says:

    So the first question was censored? :S

  11. PigSnowballer1 says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question on View.setTag. I was in fact previously creating a sparseArray(View) previously, and prior to that custom classes.

  12. Pablo Martinez Piles says:

    It isn’t for beautiful guys!

  13. xEleCtrickxz says:

    U have  no hobbys guys

  14. xEleCtrickxz says:

    This guy  with the ice cream sandwish look ugly

  15. xEleCtrickxz says:


  16. MuzikDz says:

    and what about energy saver for all this applications work in background

  17. MrIPazzoidi says:

    i’m a horse 😀

  18. MrIPazzoidi says:


  19. DmajikDesign says:

    so when is this shit going to start

  20. DmajikDesign says:


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