7 SMS Advertising Advantages

By 7 ways SMS Advertising can drive more traffic to your store and web site. If you are not among the companies using SMS advertising, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. SMS is text messaging over a cell phone. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, “on average 94% of text messages are read.” Response rates for this type of advertising average 15-20%, with some as high as 30% or more. Here’s some of the things an SMS Marketing campaign can do for your business: 1. You can build a list of potential buyers that is segmented according to demographics and areas of interest. 2. You can create sms campaigns that build alert lists for specials that people have told you what they are interested in. 3. Text Message Advertising can send Mobile Coupons that have a 10X redemption rate over traditional coupons. 4. Do location-based campaigns with cell phone advertising that allow your business to target precise geographic areas. Cell phone marketing is a tool with limitless opportunity.
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Siteflex tutorial on creating and sending an sms campaign
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