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Question by : Android markets enlarge text?
I am looking to purchase a new phone and it will be an android. I know that Androids have many markets. I am visually impaired so when using my phone I will need the font to be enlarged esp. the text messages. I heard that the market “Go sms” is a good market to go to to use this as my default for text messages. If you ever heard of this market and / or use it can you tell me if its good for enlarged print or can you inform me about another market that can help me with my problem please & thanks.


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Answer by Emily
Hi, i’m also visually impaired and recently got a new phone after not been able to see my old one. . when buying an android phone make sure the version is 2.3 because you can have more things. i use go app after looking for screen magnifiers, i find that it is of some use but i still find it difficult to see apps and go to pages and you cannot zoom in to the actual home age, the internet goes big. it depends how much you can see. with text messagin it goes big but not to big so i still have to kind of struggle, but with the phone i have you can talk, i find that it is easier just to put screen reader on which can also be downloaded from the android markett. alsso if you just go to the normal market type visually impaired it will come up with apps, mayemily54@yahoo.com send me a message if you want anymore information

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