Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – Verizon


Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – Verizon

At just 9.3mm, the iPhone 4 is thin as a rake but the front and back are 30 times stronger than the usual plastic. Reason – aluminosilicate glass, the stuff that windshields of military choppers are made of. The periphery is customized alloy, 5 times stronger than steel. Your accidental dropping won’t hurt your pocket-communicator. The Retina Display packs in 4 times the amount of pixels (326 per inch) of iPhone 3, and makes the text and images slicing sharp. Thanks to the added 960 x 640 pixel

List Price: $ 499.99


Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

This iPhone 5 16GB White comes in the original box from Apple with all original accessories in the box. This iPhone 5 16GB comes Factory Unlocked for any GSM and will work with any GSM SIM card in the world.

List Price: $ 700.00


Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – AT&T

ATT iPhone 4 16GB, used in very good condition, no scratches. Want to upgrade to new phone

List Price: $ 500.00


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