Burning a New iPhone 5 with Gasoline – Will it Survive?


Setting a brand new iPhone 5 on fire with some gasoline. Way better than any drop test. Amazingly, I managed to retrieve the actual recording from the iPhone
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  1. Adam Foreman says:

    Fire looked fake

  2. BenUA10 says:

    You forgot to peace out

  3. Lien Olegna Leded says:

    I hate this.but i also like this test its very rare amazing!

  4. Tony Qin says:

    It’s still working!!!

  5. A Grape says:

    the test doesnt make sense…why did you need to test whether or not an iphone will survive on fire..well..unless you don’t have common sense…this is stupid..i think if you want to destroy an iphone because you’re rich at least make it worth enough like drop test, case drop test or something

  6. difrancos2003 says:


  7. difrancos2003 says:

    But… It was an pone

  8. Kenneth Pabiona says:

    Best test ever!!!

  9. ali mahsoomi says:

    That was probably stolen iPhone

  10. daniiisantos214 says:

    Who gone enjoy this shit Haha

  11. Caleb Diamond says:

    U guys r all just complaining becouse u cant have an iphone 5 and hes burning one who gives a crap its just a phone its probably one that didnt work or he had another one or something

  12. LilGamer99 says:

    In iPhone touch screens there’s oil to detect your fingers. That shit will burn for a while xD

  13. FlyingBrightDiamonds says:

    Next: The iPhone 6

  14. Keegan Rodrigues says:

    Is This Your Enemy’s Phone That You Wanted To Take Revenge on Him?

  15. Jose Carlos Castro says:

    That’s really stupid

  16. Jericho Manning says:


  17. Cameron Pablo says:

    why do you waste your time doing this shit.

  18. Bl0wT0rch1000 says:


  19. bluuman1 says:

    i coulda used that, wtf!

  20. Miguel Salazar says:

    I’ve made my iPhone and coast only 10$ so yeah I make money making them. Gona make a vid like this ^.^

  21. tombug13 says:

    Haha lol

  22. TeamNutshell says:

    HATE YOU! My phone didn’t get nearly that doused and I couldn’t transfer my pics! :(

  23. jaggerfever15 says:

    i fucking hate you -_-

  24. MCproness says:

    So do u have to do DFU mode?

  25. Dre Dawg says:

    Best tech guy on youtube!!

  26. MrApplePieDude says:

    i have an iphone 5 . i dont think this can be jailbroken?? :)

  27. mgsdust says:

    Wanna have iOS 7 right now? Just check this site and download iOS 7 with installation guide!

  28. masterlard123 says:

    yep. i am lucky to get my gift iphone 5 from youtube questionnaire for nothing. and i can tell u , dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. if you wanna try just try now => bit.ly/13NzGt1?=xvoml

  29. iapplestuffs says:

    hey guys !
    I am registering UDID to Apple Developer account for $15USD each device. Once your UDID is registered then you can update to ios 7 beta without any problem and your iphone will be activated. You will enjoy full features of IOS 7 beta. If your interested then inbox me or you can email me too (iapplestuffs@gmail.com). Thanks.

  30. Mason Vidler says:

    how do I keep my apps and do if

  31. Carlos Cabrera says:

    I really recommend to not update to ios 7 beta for now I had it on my iPhone 5 and battery was draining super fast and device was getting hot. Another thing to mention is that some apps where not working like YouTube would stay loading and would never finish loading,Craigslist wouldn’t open,etc. just went to original ios for now,I would rather wait until they release the final original ios 7

  32. brandanm120 says:

    once my iphone gets restored. it says there is problem activating th iPhone. Please some one help. please

  33. FrumpyOstrich says:

    Can I downgrade to 6.1.2 and re jailbreak?

  34. bikerboy9233 says:


  35. bikerboy9233 says:

    hey it keeps doing the waiting for youtube.com and its been like that for 10 min I keep closing tab and redoing it but keeps doing the problem

  36. chubbersbubbers says:

    Power of having 3 youtube accounts ^ 😉

  37. aidan vangorp says:


  38. Hector Valles says:

    same here… and my battery died really fast

  39. Joe Moreno says:

    i liked the ios 7 but my phone just started to get really hot! has that happened to any one else? on and iphone 5 gsm

  40. AizenIzPro says:

    I just want to personally say that I am not tech savvy enough to work around tech problems…

  41. Ricardo Curiel says:

    is there a way i could do it without putting it on dfu mode?
    my power button is broken

  42. salvtec1 says:

    WIll i lose anything on my iphone?

  43. Scott Chiste says:

    iOS 7 looks terrible they should keep the old look

  44. ZoTaLink says:

    Will you be able to get the real 7 update while on it

  45. Christen De Ocampo says:

    I like iOS 7

  46. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    wat happen to the apple new products?? i tought their ll reveal them today???

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