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Pushpins Introduces SimpleUPC for Mobile App Developers

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2011

Pushpins Inc., the developers of the leading grocery shopping app, Pushpins, has created SimpleUPC, an application enabling mobile app developers to gain access to product information. Pushpins created the app through a partnership with Kwikee®, a MultiAd product providing manufacturer-approved grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) images, data and related content.

Product information provided by Kwikee enables developers using SimpleUPC to access food, beverage, health and beauty, personal care and baby product information from more than 15,000 brands and nearly 5,000 different manufacturers. When using the service, developers will add just a few lines of code to obtain a powerful set of grocery data including nutrition and product images, all linked to Universal Product Codes (UPCs). The data is updated nightly to provide the latest products available.

While building our grocery coupon app Pushpins, we saw how expensive and difficult it was to get accurate grocery product information,” said Jason Gurwin, chief executive officer and Pushpins co-founder. “Partnering with Kwikee for SimpleUPC gives all developers access to the world’s first grocery data API (application programming interface), the same one used by our Mobile Coupon application.”

With Kwikee, manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Unilever and ConAgra sponsor SKUs (stock keeping units) for product photography, data collection and distribution to the trade. All of the content in Kwikee is provided and approved by CPG manufacturers. Additional content from special projects is used to supplement the nationally-sponsored Kwikee library.

Pushpins makes it easy for shoppers to plan, shop, and save. In addition to providing shoppers valuable grocery information including nutrition facts, Pushpins allows consumers to use their shopping list to redeem instant digital coupons on their loyalty card in more than 3,500 stores nationwide.

“The value that Kwikee offers app developers such as Pushpins includes a database of product images, nutritional and ingredient information that can be delivered ensuring accurate, up-to-date content is immediately available for consumers,” said Randy Burd, Kwikee product manager. “Pushpins is able to help us get this content to even more app developers via SimpleUPC.”

SimpleUPC provides app developers with an easy and comprehensive option to obtain dynamic updates of product content. More information is available by visiting

About Pushpins

Pushpins is the next-generation mobile shopping company that brings smart lists, digital coupons and nutrition all in one application. Pushpins, Inc. is based in Palo Alto, Calif., and is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners.  Their app Pushpins was second in productivity, listed in the top 160 applications in the App Store and has been featured by Apple, the Washington Post, and Consumer Reports. Visit our website at

SimpleUPC is an easy to use web service that enables developers to add Universal Product Codes (UPCs), product information, nutrition facts, and manufacturer-approved images to their applications. The API includes over 120,000+ products, 15,000 brands, and nearly 5,000 different manufacturers.

About MultiAd

MultiAd offers a portfolio of marketing and advertising solutions designed to increase productivity and revenue including: mobile application development, web application development, Creator Professional, Creative Outlet, Recas®, Kwikee®, ePublish (interactive online versions of print publications) and several self-service advertising solutions. For more information on MultiAd, visit For free access to product information and images sponsored by participating manufacturers visit

Note: MultiAd, Kwikee and Recas are registered trademarks of MultiAd, Inc.


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Mobile Coupons

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The Best in Coupons, Discounts, and Information on the go. Access by Internet, Mobile Web, or through SMS Text. This is a Nationwide service that is free to use and will save you a ton of money. This is a paperless service-Go Green-Save Green! Put your products and services in front of millions in just minutes. Unlimited pictures, content, barcodes, and videos to advertise with.

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Comments (4) Learn how to save money instantly using Mobile Coupons.

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Comments (0) Learn how to save money instantly using Mobile Coupons.

The Best in Coupons, Discounts, and Information on the go. Access by Internet, Mobile Web, or through SMS Text. This is a Nationwide service that is free to use and will save you a ton of money. This is a paperless service-Go Green-Save Green! Put your products and services in front of millions in just minutes. Unlimited pictures, content, barcodes, and videos to advertise with.
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