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mobilehelpers.com Should Your Business Use Text Message Marketing? Text message marketing is gaining in popularity every year and that makes perfect sense considering: • 90% of all marketing emails are NOT opened by the recipient. • 86% of all Americans own a cell phone • 97% of all text messages are opened • 83% of all text messages are opened within an hour SMS text marketing was a no-brainer for companies like: Walgreens, MacDonalds, Ford, Hilton Hotel Group, Pepsi and Dunkin Donuts who have used mobile media to offer coupons, a Super Bowl promotion and special offers. But what about smaller businesses? Can SMS text marketing benefit single-location businesses, multiple location businesses and even healthcare providers? The answer is absolutely with a capital “A.” Text marketing can be used in hundreds of ways to stay connected to your attentive audience. Here are some ideas on how SMS text marketing can be put to good use: * Restaurant Owners could send out text coupons such as discounts for dinner, nightly specials, and even quick limited-time offers during any slow times the restaurant may be having. *Real Estate Agents could send out SMS Marketing messages about new listings, price reductions on current listings and open houses. *Doctors Offices could send appointment reminders, health tips, a welcome message to new patients, and their website link so that patients have the option of downloading and printing necessary paperwork to complete it prior to their visit
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