Get to know the HTC EVO 4G LTE


Go behind the scenes and take a look at the evolving HTC EVO family, and its latest member – the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Learn more about it, here: bit.ly
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cnet.com It’s a throwdown showdown between the two tastiest Ice Cream Sandwich phones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S3 takes on the HTC One X. Let’s get it on!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 46kyleb says:

    1:31 the htc evo 4g lte with the silver kickstand is going to be released this month 😉

  2. TheSniperTips says:

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  3. roaddogg800 says:

    I tried both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC EVO 4G LTE, I definitely prefer the HTC! The build quality, wireless radio and user interface are all far superior! The EVO is a high end premium device while the GS3 just has a lot of needless quirky software. All you need to do to secure the EVO at the top of the food chain is be the first to upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.1

  4. dallas4yfe says:

    Just got mine in the mail two days ago and already in love-3 android nation any day.

  5. SailorSilvano says:

    HTC should make an amazing smart phone with an amoled display to wipe out samsung of it’s title for such a disgracing “Flagship phone!”

  6. Rakan210 says:

    “you just become quite”

  7. year2009account says:

    Htc pls provide higher battery with removable battery n micro sd card slot for your upcoming phones, will be looking forward to change my desire s to a another htc phone hopefully.. (:

  8. bonarothlonely says:

    I love an asian guy.

  9. TexMitchell says:

    I see it! Now Sprint just needs to release it!

  10. jmquint0324 says:

    Fix Google wallet please.

  11. ryan240b says:

    Just picked mine up yesterday. Replaced my Evo 4G which was the best phone I’ve ever owned. The 4G LTE had big shoes to fill. I am blown away with it so far. HTC is the only manufacturer I will ever consider.

  12. 22progre77 says:

    That is the job I want

  13. illburfren says:

    There is rumored to be a white one coming out on July 15. I really hope so because I want a white one also.

  14. metal571 says:

    Long Term Evolution. technically it’s a 3.5G mobile data technology.

  15. Tonmoy paul Joyanta says:

    htc is the perfect choice for WP & android lovers…. htc best…

  16. SuperBillionaire1 says:


  17. MrAzteckgamer says:

    What does LTE stand for

  18. owenwu8 says:

    HTC EVO 3d at 2:15

  19. MrDINSerge says:

    3D mode does not work. can be turned on or not. a new device, the problem came on the day of purchase. sellers do not want the bitch to change. live in fucking Russia!

  20. sharier45 says:

    Does anyone remind Ben Chen looks like the kid from karate kid. Dre’s rival.

  21. Ay2har says:


  22. jonas rygh says:

    do the evo come to scandinavia becouse i do live in norway ?

    and i love the look of it

  23. JeanellChrystale says:

    The Evo is an okay phone and this video was ridiculous!

  24. darthyoda321 says:

    0:24 evo 3d lte!!!!

  25. haterskeephatin101 says:

    I think the headphones are also worth mentioning just cause their awesome although they do have nothing to do with the phone itself

  26. RaphaelAusGriffen says:

    Brian tongue ^^

  27. mfmelendez says:

    Amazing review. Thanks!

  28. patjanter says:

    waiting fr the new note

  29. franksyed1 says:

    I have a gnex! I guess I should stay with it! Any other suggestions plz?

  30. TylerThaTruth300 says:

    Either one of these phones would blow my mind, and stuck on contract with nexus s 4g Smh

  31. MrJerrybravo says:

    Wone *

  32. MrJerrybravo says:


  33. MrJerrybravo says:

    Wow u guys suck if it was compared to the EVO 4G LTE then it would one

  34. nuffsaidguy says:

    He needs to do his research the at&t htc one x comes with 16 gb internal storage not 32 gb, the gsm version comes with 32, look it up!!

  35. Alec Vanek says:

    galaxy nexus all the way

  36. jayjaySTAR718 says:

    I absolutely love my Galaxy S III.

  37. bartuferidunbba says:

    1:00 man wtf 😀

  38. thebestpopmusic00 says:


  39. thebestpopmusic00 says:

    When the iPhone 5 comes out, it’s going to have some good completion. Remember the upgrade from the 3GS to the 4, now it’s the 5! Or just the new iPhone.

  40. DH12FTW says:

    They should’ve compared the AT&T Galaxy S3 and the One X on AT&T. That way, they could get a better idea of which one has better call quality & 4G. Plus, the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 doesn’t have LTE, Brian said in the beginning that both have LTE.

  41. imaginaiton4me says:

    HTC One X is lot better, Samsung UI is bad as hell

  42. plesework says:

    the S3 have abode flash player?

  43. TechTubeCentral says:

    HTC sence way better

  44. Doublewid3 says:

    I hate HTC the SENCE is just bullshit.

  45. Gemini229 says:

    They compare the wrong phones, if you going to compare the two companies, they must get the HTC top dog and that the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which will beat the G3 on all levels. Please don’t give me that the G3 has 2Gigs of memory, because all those extra feature it take 2Gigs to process it.

  46. jcaicedo82 says:

    Evo lte DOESNT have a removable battery!

  47. itumblers says:

    Its time for Samsung and Google to become one. Android gets rid of motorola and HTC. Samsung only developes one phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Also, take out Apple by not supplying anymore technology to them.

  48. ubtoo05 says:

    S3..one x is so ugly and who gives a damn about dre beats…suck even more. Galaxy s3 easily takes it and much sexier.

  49. youloke3 says:

    Totally agree with the review..jump from one x to s iii..amaze by what S iii can do

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