GoMo: Google’s Mobile Ads Site


How the Google Mobile Ads team decided to ‘Go Mobile’ and built a mobile-friendly version of the google.com/mobileads site.

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  1. arulanandcisco says:

    I think iPad is the best for Web Browsing
    i hate on Mobile.

  2. trsbdm says:

    Did you use Google Sites to build it?

  3. careca675 says:

    Fantástico, é a primeira vez que vejo uma coisa tão insignificante, mas com a grandeza de sua alma interna, aos conhecimentos de uma realidade que vivemos.Parabéns ao seu criador! Premio Nobel !

  4. kayswayorg says:

    Very helpful advice about mobile

  5. bustasalta says:

    Pregunto: Los close captions beta english Translation (Beta) traduce del chino al inglës?

  6. MsDollarplus says:


  7. ChampionMobile says:

    This is HUGE.

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