Google Nexus 7 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update!


How to Root the Nexus 7: http://youtu.be/GnHFtFTp-cc mskip’s Google Nexus 7 toolkit: http://goo.gl/9NL3u Previous Video: http://youtu.be/fR27jTw7Pbw Instagra…

Little known facts about Android that make it incredibly awesome. 5: Android’s Origins (0:21) 4: Android’s Bailout (1:04) 3: Android User Demographics (2:06)…
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  1. Jay Hall says:


  2. Carlos Paredes says:

    Has anyone found a working root method for 4.3?

  3. C0MPUT3RTUTS says:

    I got it last week

  4. DarkStar23961 says:

    the improvements are on speed and performance. android 5.0 (key lime pie) will have interface changes
    ios is having a massive update for interface ,bugs. performance

  5. DarkStar23961 says:

    i havent gotten the update

  6. wwjoshdew says:

    Go to Menu, Settings, Apps, ALL (swipe over to the right) and find Google Services Framework. Then click the Clear Data button. Then click the Force Stop button. I reflashed BACK to 4.2.2 and then it said the same thing to me. Try that method, it worked for me on the first try! After you clear the data and force stop the Google Services Framework, go back to system updates and it should say “1969” for the year. Then press check for updates.

  7. kennyolivess says:

    It says my nexus 7 is up to date :( AND IM 4.2.2

  8. Smit Scha says:

    no wallpaper or anything?, no user interface changes, ahahha its all the same.
    switching to iphone, can’t wait . the new ios looks epic.

  9. unixpert321 says:

    @wwjoshdew:do you use a scratch guard on ur nexus 7? Please reply thanks in advance.

  10. 1nsertTitleHere says:

    If you have the S4 Google Play Edition, expect it “very soon.” Otherwise, it depends on how you got it (either on a contract or unlocked).

  11. 6688846993johnny says:

    How much do you want fir that tablet old man?

  12. Hateem Ibrahim says:

    Hey Josh. I love your reviews! Should I get the S4 or Black HTC One? I’m thinking the HTC One but I really do like the S4 too. Please tell me as I am going to get it soon. Thanks!

  13. Jenna Mohammed says:

    when will this be available for the s4?

  14. wwjoshdew says:


  15. XGamingxEclipseX says:

    wwjoshdew can you add me as a contact? Im trying to pm because I have some questions about my Baseband version and all that . Thanks.

  16. wwjoshdew says:

    I watch some videos (That are good videos!) but the person recording just has NO enthusiasm at all, and sounds like the “Dry eyes” commercial guy. Stuff like that is hard to watch.

  17. ubtoo05 says:


  18. Fernando Garza says:

    i believe its the great enthusiasm you have for the things you review that keeps me coming back to your videos. good work 8P

  19. Brendan Stubbs says:

    i will buy’s this Nexus 7 for a reasonable price

  20. albundy06 says:

    I hear you. Just saying I think you should put the fastboot way in your videos to educate your viewers on how to do it. Or at least not push a toolkit / toolkit maker that pushes you to donate for such a thing. This video for example comes off as basically a infomercial for it.

  21. Justen Simpson says:

    You’re such a nerd lol you act like you’re a 5yr old getting ice cream.lol

  22. rxburgos86 says:

    Who cares about mskip you can root it without it ….

  23. wwjoshdew says:

    So I’m a little late… No biggie! lol

  24. wwjoshdew says:

    Correct! But some people would rather choose simple numbers to have an automated script do everything for them automatically. I am one of those people. Less steps that the user can make, where a mistake could be made by typing something wrong. I’m manually unlocking, flashing twrp via fastboot (fastboot flash recovery twrp.img) right now, and applying the latest supersu in my custom recovery. Some people don’t want to do all of that manually.

  25. brecker14 says:

    4.3 is been out since Wednesday

  26. Marilou Gagnon says:

    Why there is always cherios in the background…?

  27. DaysforDays says:

    Z will probably be zebra cakes or zingers

  28. luis garcia says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha apple maps rocks!!!! said no apple fan ever hahahahahahaha

  29. gadgetguy99 says:

    im a male android user

  30. onanidaily says:

    There is no such thing as an untrue fact.

  31. NolanLadny says:

    Smart men don’t like stupid phones. That’s why we pick Android over Apple. Too bad for women….

  32. Kameel Misra says:

    lemon cake, hahahahahahahahahaha…..
    Android users in the future,
    Person A :”Dude what u running?”
    Person B: “Im running Cake, u”
    Person A: “PLEASE im running Lemon Cake”


  33. omar mohy says:

    Pizza…Sounds legit

  34. ngon hua says:

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    Go to “play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.atomicdefender”
    Search “Anti Air Raid Defender” on Google and go into the first link.


  35. ojstagg93 says:

    nice stab at apple maps 😛

  36. BronzeBellaBria says:

    I love your videos and I’m a 19 year old girl. And like you said, I’m also looking to get the Galaxy Note II. I’m weirdly attracted to it and I think it is a purse thing although I hardly use purses and prefer backpacks.

  37. MGRaiden64 says:

    One phone, one single phone you can break with your hands? Yeah i doubt you can even exert the 100+ pound force required to break gorilla glass, not to mention the plastic and battery. Im a razr user anyways, my godlike battery would shit on your iphone. I also believe you don’t understand phones. They’re for calling and texting. Not apps lol retard. Why write with a pencil when i can type? Why waste paper when i can do the same virtually? At least android is less gay about hacking/root phones

  38. Surfboardschnute says:

    I am 13

  39. CopyCowProductions says:

    ahhh i just bought that shirt at the computer history museum

  40. AJ ALMADANI says:

    simply great. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . dont think its funny, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. its worth a try here : bit.ly/15R2m5B?=wphsfz

  41. rojobro1 says:

    No satellites except the fuck up with apple amps lol.

  42. rojobro1 says:

    You cover all of the topics I’ve ever been interested in.

  43. Y Morris says:

    really enjoy your videos

  44. 600237002 says:

    Why the fuck are you arguing iOS and Android are both fine

  45. StrongSideFx says:

    I can break a galaxy s4 with my hands, that piece of shit plastic couldn’t hold up for shit. If you’re just gunna have widgets might as well just get a real notepad and shit because the whole point of the phone is to have apps and to download apps but since you have widgets, might as well look at a diffrent phone

  46. gusiddhu says:

    dude no offence but you are way too skinny

  47. Bryan Jonathan says:

    oldies use iphone. youngsters use android.

  48. CareyPortnoyBeauford says:

    dude love your videos! (nube sub)

  49. MGRaiden64 says:

    apps, its nice to have apps. Yet, when i can see the temperature outside without opening an app, its nice, same with a notepad, data usage, pretty much anything. Controlling notification, media, and ringtone volume all from my homescreen is nice also. Now for my next upgrade, what phone will i choose? The Galaxy s4, the Droid Razr Maxx HD? Theres so many choices, and cool designs. Gorilla glass also! Wow! Yet all apple has to offer, is a phone i could stack into perfect bricks. variety is nice.

  50. StrongSideFx says:

    this proves that android users are unintelligent. I don’t even know what you just said. android copied apple first so anything apple “copies” from android doesn’t count as copying

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