How to Create a Mobile Website?


How to Create a Mobile Website? Did you know that there is a big difference between your website simply showing up on a mobile device and actually being form…

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  1. Doria Berezny says:

    Very informative video on building mobile sites. I have share it on my
    Google+ page. Would you please share my mobile site builder site on your
    Google+ page as well? Thanks! See: http://goo.gl/DKa2ly 

  2. Best Mobile Websites - Australia says:

    Great Explanation Amanda.

    You explain the difference between Desktop Websites & Mobile Websites very

    Check out another Mobile Website Explanation Video here along with some
    Demo Mobile Websites, especially for anyone based in Australia:

  3. Tim Mack says:


  4. Kashif Uddin says:

    Great video Amanda. Love the rest of your channel too.

  5. BBMobileMarketing says:

    A great example. I actually think as people become more and more adapted to
    mobile website layouts then this will begin to dictate standard website
    design and simplicity and ease of navigation will become the norm

  6. AMReed8 says:

    fIX oR rEPAIR dAILY.

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