HTC First Review


HTC First Review Facebook Home review: http://tchno.be/173ShDN HTC has tried its hand at a couple of “Facebook Phone” devices in the past, but this time the …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ask the Buffalo: Google I/O and HTC One vs Galaxy S4 Try Lynda.com for free: http://www.lynda.com/technobuffalo Jon R is back to tackle more questions and qu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Christian Navida says:


  2. Maznor idzhan says:

    can it sms

  3. sir102030 says:

    well someone had to type in the security code for posting lots of comments recently

  4. tonepaw says:

    Sooooo, let me get this straight;there’s an HTC First and an HTC One? Who is coming up with these names?

  5. Nature1400 says:

    This phone looks like a great phone for me :)

  6. Nature1400 says:

    Iphone Umm Android ummm more devices more fun

  7. danilo6060 says:

    lol today my friend to the same phone as i do thru awesome android spirit of advertising (eeyyy twinzies) and he comes up to me and goes “bro you DID NOT mention about the non-expandable storage” O.o Bro thats a 32gb Optimus G… coming from your Nexus S, that aint so bad.

  8. Stance TL says:

    Indeed, HTC needs is marketing to boast sells.
    Long term wise, HTC needs to retain customer loyalty. HTC ditches updates for devices prematurely. How in the world does it take HTC & AT&T 8 months to update their HTC One X to Jelly Bean 4.1, when it only took Samsung’s S3 a mere 4 months? That is just unacceptable!
    HTC One is already 5 months behind in updates and it isn’t officially released in the U.S.! I wouldn’t be surprise if it takes HTC One 1 year to get KLP after release.

  9. BeMoGamer says:

    This one huh Good choice 😀

  10. BeMoGamer says:

    is a ugly bulky brick with no type of support ;D

  11. BeMoGamer says:

    So fucking true lol You dont see Iphone users complaining xD

  12. BeMoGamer says:

    I am sure your FALSE OPINION will shut the production of this device

  13. BeMoGamer says:

    Um what. They need more then that. Updates are you kidding LOL You average consumer are still on s.3 and they are not bitching xD what HTC needs better marketing. More cool commercials advertising get people to know there brand and how they where the first to do mobile touch. How they brought Android first how they brought the first 4g android phone. that is what they need

  14. BeMoGamer says:

    I am sure your FALSE OPINION will shut the production of this device

  15. BeMoGamer says:

    I am sure your OPINION and wants will make a change

  16. SoCalTechie92 says:

    This is the 1st HTC phone that I’ve seen since 2010-2011 that can fully run stock Android without a single trace of Sense.

  17. LodeStar17 says:

    Where are the 900million users of facebook?

  18. NamelessNLS says:

    Its looks like the first gen iPod Touch

  19. CarCrazy2622 says:

    L android

  20. CarCrazy2622 says:

    That’s beast for a 99 dollar phone. I’d buy it and put it on Norma

  21. Osama Sidat says:

    The phone looks good, and for the price, can’t really complain about the hardware. If I were to buy this phone, I’d buy it because it’s possible to get a stock Android experience on it (without buying a Nexus device or rooting your non-Nexus device).

    The only caveat I see here is the lack of timely updates to the Android OS. At its release, the First is already a version behind (not that many devices are currently running 4.2) – how soon will it be updated, if ever? A question to ponder…

  22. vir ingens says:

    Even with stock they don’t manage to install the newest version, which was released months ago. Bad HTC.

  23. jon4lakers says:

    Great idea.

  24. s27945 says:


  25. Mathias Lindberg says:

    It really depends on the future now. If they keep updating the Android version, they’ll most likely suceed, but if they only update Facebook Home with features that aren’t useful to most people, it’ll be a flop, because stock Android won’t be enough to drive people to it if the Android version isn’t updated as they go. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but I don’t see them making a new Facebook phone for at least a year, which is good if you think about the support side of it.

  26. Saman Perera says:

    Htc one is the best.

  27. themandoodman1 says:

    See all the tech people that watch these videos including me know a lot about mobile tech…therefore most think the htc one is really good… i like the s4…anyway that is why there are always a lot more htc one buyers here…in the real world i think the s4 is bettre tho

  28. Ahmed Sami says:

    Could you tell us about one or more apps that can backup android phones like IOS ? Thanks a lot

  29. Flo Shaban says:

    I have the HTC One and it does get pretty hot. But my friend’s S3 got pretty hot too. idk if that is the case with the S4.

  30. yukiweiqi says:

    YO JON dont forget that both phones are BUTTERY SMOOTH and BLISTERING FAST

  31. eenriquez588 says:

    John u said that you can’t review the samsung galaxy s 4 because it hasn’t came out yet but PhoneArena has it

  32. jazon3535 says:

    ive had bad experiences with htc. terrible battery life and overheating were main issues. so htc one may get extremely hot with it being metal. seems like nice phone but could be a bust.

  33. Nicolas Blume says:

    Yeah, sure in america. Here in germany mobile internet is terrible: extremely overpriced, slow connections and its common that you have no connection at all or just edge. So cloud is not an option for me

  34. Nicolas Blume says:

    Sure, and that its almost impossible to repair and change the battery is awsome, too? 1/10 Points from iFixit

  35. Howard Liu says:

    CNN report:
    “Samsung, Accused of hiring students to post negative comments about rival HTC’s phones.”
    BBC News:
    “Samsung probed in Taiwan over ‘fake web reviews'”
    (copy and paste the lines you will see them!)
    Do not believe these ppl who keep talking good things about Samsung on Youtube! These ppl… shame on them.

  36. Stance TL says:

    I’m sure iphone 5S will look the same as the iphone 5

  37. Matthew Nagel says:

    he sounded straight up constipated for the first 30 seconds

  38. s27945 says:


  39. yasinatchia says:

    Oh God y don’t people jus accept that they r both awesome phones! Imagine the manufacturers’ effort to create these phones, n people jus like to criticise the one they don’t like! Plz grow up people!!! -_-

  40. kilro22 says:

    Could is good but you have to be online to use that.

  41. yasinatchia says:

    GS4 is the best!

  42. yasinatchia says:

    HTC One is the best!

  43. SAYAN DAS says:

    they r some of the old tech.. wake up its cloud generation

  44. Nicolas Blume says:

    Same here, removable battery and microsd card slot is awesome :)

  45. Justin Bieber says:

    Samsung got caught hiring people to post malicious comments against HTC in Taiwan, and they themselves have admitted conducting online advertising campaign to smear HTC, they’ve even apologised and agree to cease such practices. Perhaps that’s how Samsung got top comments favouring them here as well :)

  46. Youseff A says:

    I can’t live without a removable battery and a microSD CARD!!! S4 here I come!!!!

  47. Leonel Hernandez says:

    HTC One

  48. nathann09 says:

    S6 is wayyy better

  49. Manny Byas says:


  50. Granger744 says:


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