HTC One Challenge, Day 21: The quirks of Sense 5


VOTE NOW for your favorite smartphone at http://www.phonedog.com/rankings In this video, we’re talking about some of the quirks of HTC Sense 5. Prior to the …
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  1. Christopher Weise says:

    Nothing you mentioned in this video is difficult. I have an S3 and wish I could grab this phone. No upgrade right now.

  2. Magnus Hansen says:

    Does anyone know when this phone comes out in the market? :)


    It’s one-time configurations… How lazy can one be???

  4. Anas Safa says:

    Exactly man .. It’s a new experience .. just like when I switched from Samsung S2 to HTC sensation XL .. It literally changed .. even when it’s android .. but as we all know every manufacture has their own style ..

    Still I think .. maybe it’s different a little bit but really worth it 😀 ..

  5. nestedstop says:

    I am sorry but why are you being a bitch?

  6. Nikita Rusov says:

    @aqlagma Yeah man this website here is just sending out free White Apple iPads for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it is all real, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Get in quick! bit.ly/17tBfA2?=egmqa

  7. RandomUserX99 says:

    you’re just now bitching for bitching’s sake. Still showing your Samsung bias.

  8. OpoSai says:

    that isnt a problem, you only customize your main apps once or twice. 

  9. s27945 says:


  10. Cody Haynes says:

    kinda grasping at straws here arnt we

  11. joes04redrx8 says:

    root that bitch and make it do what you want it too

  12. RUI TEIXEIRA says:

    Love this phone can’t wait to get it.

  13. Fabio Lima says:

    Too small of a issue to deserve a video. Actually, the first issue will be fixed by HTC in an update in the near future. The album thing is not even an issue it is just a different way of doing things.

  14. Hamed Hokamzadeh says:

    Apparently the HTC logo in the middle has some kind of function. I read “go to your browser and swipe your finger over the logo and see what happens”. Would love to see what that does.

  15. Sanjay Saini says:

    Really after the Jellybean update the OneX performance surpassed the SG3. On XDA is see nothing but complaints about Touchwiz and it cartoonish appearance. S-Voice, S-Translator Samsung is trying to deviate from Android and create their own OS with gimmicky software. After prolonged use touchwiz seems to lag this is a well known issue. On XDA right now the HTC One is the holy grail

  16. DetroitFitted says:

    I’m happy your doing this video I’ve been with Samsung since the epic 4g and I’ve been thinking about HTC but I feel like is just too much blotware

  17. muataz shammari says:

    if it’s bad he can’t forget that

  18. Curt Wrigley says:

    Id like to see a dozen or so pictures posted in native resolution from this phone and two others (say iphone 5 and note 2) of the same subject taken at the same time. There seems to be dissagreement in reviews of the camera quality in good light and low light.

  19. Phil Bradley says:

    He touched on it in one of his earlier videos.

  20. zaidster111 says:

    he’s a dumb person

  21. nowcity145 says:

    Would hate if I bought this and then a Red HTC one comes out months later. And can you use this phone horizontally?

  22. daniyal siddiqui says:

    there you go! watch?v=yqajGyoNZCQ

  23. Andrew Kim says:

    it is a known fact that Touchwiz is a better optimized skin for Android. Ask the real guys from XDA not pocketnow.

  24. Isaiah Perez says:

    Do a dog fight with the iPhone 5!

  25. s27945 says:


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