HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test!


Just how durable is the new HTC One? Find out as it’s “Drop Test Time!” Article/Pictures: http://www.androidauthority.com/htc-one-vs-iPhone-5-drop-test-17993…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mochaka Boom says:

    LOL he’s so happy when he sees the iphone get fucked up

  2. Itsallawesome says:

    Thus is why we buy a case

  3. Hannibal Imhotep-Grimaldi says:

    I hope the people behind you in the end of the video didn’t follow you
    home, they definitely want to rob you now.

  4. Chad Burkett says:

    Poor iPhone. He obviously made it look bad cause hes all about Android.
    When he dropped the iPhone from his ear, he made it hit its screen. BAD

  5. Connor McMillin says:

    +Exphixiaa plus gorilla glass doesn’t mean indestructible just “hard” to

  6. 'Tyler Parks says:


  7. Mohaked Sako says:

    The i phone hase a light heagt on the screen, so it always falls on the
    screen, you can pay so they pul it out from it XD

  8. SleetyGenie83 says:

    I love this channel :)

  9. Soulo Vocalstar says:

    they should make a sort of air bag function for phones like on impact the
    screen cover slams close but the doors being some sort of rubber

  10. Mohammedsaleem Mohammed says:

    Please upload Sony xperia z ultra drop test

  11. Maria Victoria Paring De Castro says:

    iphone 5 sucks…and apple service are worse…

  12. Wander Yonder says:

    Cool you can notice the Hollywood sign in the background 

  13. HoldenisAustralian says:

    The HTC One X (2012) is better than the One (2013). I dropped my One X from
    pocket, it landed on same corner as in the video with One and bounced onto
    screen. All that happened was a few 1 millimetre scratches on side.
    Absolutely nothing happened to my screen.

  14. sebatibolla says:

    0.38 spoiler alert

  15. Admiral General Aladeen says:

    He dropped the iphone on its screen, and the htc on its side.. 

  16. Puiu Narcis says:

    htc sucks 5s sucks s4 awesome

  17. Tyler Woods says:

    When he said he was gonna give the phones their final fair wells, I though
    he was gonna chunk them off the balcony

  18. shiro head says:

    İphone the best 

  19. Damon Buttino says:

    U did that on purpose u dropped the HTC one on it’s side every time and the
    I phone on it’s screen

  20. cashhmunny says:

    Glad I have a otter box case for my HTC 

  21. Михаил Золтарев says:

    iphone fuuuuu

  22. Therad Dido says:

    He will not call anyone again :D

  23. Sonny Chanhvongsak says:

    Watching these drop tests make me cringe. Although it seems the HTC one
    manages to stay pretty static in the air during these tests 

  24. Wawaweewa Rice says:

    I have dropped my iPhone 4s just once from less than 2 feet and it’s screen
    completely shattered. I dropped my htc one from over 4 feet and yet no
    cracks. Over 20 drops still mint condition

  25. Amadej Vereš says:

    Iphone 5 drop on the screen because the screen can get easy off and the
    back cant just like iphone 4 and 4s whitch fall on backplate because the
    battery and procesors are on the screen. I have an htc one and its better.
    I also have an iphone 5s and its not so good.

  26. MILLI-COM Productions says:

    Samsung might look good but actualy belive me htc and sony are way better
    smart phones than samsung

  27. Haruna Babaji Umar says:

    HTC One the best phone ever.

  28. moncy paulose says:

    what about Z1…!

  29. Jon Federman says:

    How can people compare that cheepo flimsy toy like Samsung s4 to the HTC
    it’s a premium quality phone how Samsung get away with it is beyond me

  30. mrcosmos333 says:

    this htc one is the best phone what I have been ever had. powerfull
    prosessor good camera even it is 4 megapixels and many many elts good
    things only little bit bad thing is battery but it doesnt matter 10/10 good
    phone :)

  31. ryan pagan says:

    Yes not the front

  32. Chad Fritz says:

    I have this phone in red. I really like it. I had the IPhone 3 and 4s but
    there is something nice about being able to customize every inch of your
    phone! Apple lost a customer with me. 

  33. MELEGIM OZY says:

    yes this isssss HTC ONE 

  34. 12CcTm says:

    anyone els feel like the htc one is like the best mix of the iphone and the
    galaxy s4?

  35. Rohan Amin says:

    I will buy htc one on 23 November 2013

  36. Nyjil Patrick Columbres says:

    well from what i read, it needs a living finger to work.,lol

  37. whswt says:

    it should if you bring the internarional version or whatever carrier your
    country has (t mobile etc..)

  38. The Uchiha says:

    What about the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3”? It doesn’t cost much in America
    ($300). But In my coutry (Latvia) well it costs 3 times more. If I order
    the phone from America to Latvia, will it work in my coutry? Will it have

  39. Mrpixelatedparfait says:

    A big portion of the cost is the screen, bigger screen, more money paid.

  40. The Uchiha says:

    What’s so great about this phone? Yea sure It’s gorgeous, but the buttons
    on the front (that pisses me off). What does the phone have? I just think
    It’s a lot like a Lumia or something…. WHY ARE THERE NO BIG AND NOT SO

  41. CrimsonRider says:

    I don’t see any Reggae on your channel…only rap. Pothead.

  42. Jelani Jamaica says:

    I think you mean Reggae you ignorant fuck.

  43. Prasanth  G says:

    Beautiful device, great video. Loved it !!

  44. bharath ammu says:

    I have bought iphone 5s but I think now to buy htc one so I want to sell my
    apple iphone

  45. Mohamed Aden says:

    You talk too much -.- stfu dumbass

  46. MrJb713 says:

    dallas :(

  47. Daniel Laurence says:

    “Clearly I have had my coffee” Yeah, and red bull, and bloody caffeine
    tablets on top of that! JUST GIVE US INFO, NOT OPINION THX

  48. Daniel Laurence says:

    This guy is quite annoying, but the phone isn’t. How ironic.

  49. harimohan1919 says:

    Awesome One !!!!!!!

  50. lllllllllll10 says:

    you never know

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