HTC TWO M8 rumours round-up


HTC TWO M8 rumours round-up. All the latest on HTC’s rumoured smartphone including release date, specs and design news. Subscribe to T3: http://goo.gl/s5gzef…

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  1. [MLG] NFKRZ says:

    HTC U WOT M8?

  2. emptyskullify says:

    I just want the fone to have a 13 megapixel camera :(

  3. Gavin Griffiths says:

    Yeah if you’re going to have a fingerprint scanner it needs to be on the
    front. Not the back 

  4. Joel66004 says:


  5. Falza123 says:

    If these are true specs for their next flagship phone then it feels ..
    Outdated already. Only Snapdragon 800? What about the Wonderful 805? Only a
    Full HD screen? Why not 2k. And still only Quad-Core?

  6. Nick Symiakakis says:

    I would buy it if it has an sd card reader

  7. Miike Penzo says:

    I think the finger print scanner should be at the front and not the back.
    The HTC release a larger phone with back finger scanner was not a good

  8. yacin souhila says:

    You are very sexy ..thnks

  9. shahed ahmed says:

    iPhone much better

  10. Richard Abram says:

    Love my HTC one, better than any phone I’ve had including iPhone. 

  11. flusenaufesser says:

    You are FAT!

  12. Jamal Harvey says:

    another teaser 

  13. luis castillo says:

    brush your teeth ugly!!!!!!

  14. Rhadamanthus Ranger says:

    i like all these new phones with all the random bits of tech not because i
    want one but because i can get htc one + and a few other for a cheaper
    contract cost.

  15. Valentinos says:

    Ебала жаба гадюку!!

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