iPad 4 Review


iPad 4 Review! (aka iPad 4th Generation Review) Looking back, Apple’s decision to introduce an upgraded iPad with Lightning port wasn’t wholly unexpected. De…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Didrick Namtvedt says:

    I’m thinking about upgrading from an iPad 2 to the iPad 4th gen. Not really
    feeling the look of the iPad Air with the same bezels as the iPad Mini, I
    feel that it looks better on the latter than the former and I’m used to the
    bezels on my iPad 2 so I would rather have the iPad 4th gen with the same
    bezel thickness all around but with the gorgeous Retina display, which will
    definitely make it much better to read text on it. So maybe I’ll get an
    iPad 4th gen for Christmas this year :)

  2. TaaleriPupu says:

    Watching this on my ipad 4 64gb cellular <3

  3. Sotheary Long says:

    So many kind of ipad but I still no choice to buy 

  4. jekovan montgomery says:

    i have ipad 4 it awsome

  5. JustGames lnc says:

    iPad 4 is the best!

  6. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    Why would you get this over the Nexus 10?

  7. David Merlino says:

    I have the iPad 4 l like it

  8. Faion Davis says:

    Currently watching on an ipad 4 

  9. projectmorf says:

    The new air ipad feels a bit cheap compared to the 3 or 4.

  10. Lucy Yabs says:

    I love my ipad 4 3

  11. Miri Ketchum says:


  12. aNimalMaDness24 says:

    posted on my bday lol

  13. Stevan Trinh says:

    Watching on my iPad Air and I feel lucky buying an iPad Air since the
    design of the air really blows my mind compared the the 4

  14. Rob Scott says:

    I said bye iPad 4 and got a mini w/retina display

  15. Matt Gilbert says:


  16. daman khan says:

    we have nokia

  17. Aj Guzman says:

    Quick question, does the smaller charger port affect of how fast it charges

  18. SimsByAbz says:

    Im getting an ipad4 for xmas. Cant wait any longer! 😉 x

  19. Jonny Alvarez says:

    When I look on the website it’s not there

  20. Mouna Ajjaj says:


  21. UR cyberfyi says:

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  22. daman khan says:


  23. ninjakOoOOL says:

    Nice igot mine few hours ago 

  24. lamsma1026 says:

    Watching on iPad 4

  25. Yannick Lekime says:

    Who the fuck needs a red dot sight at 2 meters distance

  26. Socomnick says:

    Why was this shitty video recommended in my feed….

    Shit like this caters only to 12 year olds.

  27. thong la says:

    wanna see him shoot a barrett M82A1

  28. N20PROI says:

    2:40 nice

  29. Lisa Grillot says:

    you spelt mini bad you did mlni

  30. TheGoProLife says:

    i dont even like apple products but this was painful to watch

  31. Gianfranco Pedraglio says:

    If you droped it face down im sure it owuldnt have passed, every single one

  32. DerGeistliche says:

    that guy looks stupid

  33. DIM0RI says:

    What’s iPad mini? iPod?

  34. Conan Lee says:

    Next, Nokia 2110 VS Nuclear Bomb

  35. Kaniaan says:

    Do you guys make any profit from your videos? or you guys are sponsored?
    (Cuz i dont realy know anything about you guys…)

  36. Amet Farah says:

    nice bro

  37. T.N.TGamingHD says:

    30 rounds, only 3 hit….. not soo much for accuracy…

  38. OrdoMallius says:

    OH wow a midget AAA class comedy right here

  39. neumarker says:

    Skorpion Evo is better !

  40. Tomas_CaT11 says:

    enjoy the destruction…

  41. Tyler Walker says:

    i guess i got lucky when i dropped my ipod in the toilet… stuck it in
    rice for like 16hrs and it worked flawlessly… 

  42. C00Lgam3r1 says:

    for someone of that size thats no pdw thats a assault rifle 

  43. Josh D. says:

    I cannot afford to use money in this manner

  44. Frankermen says:


  45. Iniquity Rush says:

    weee man

  46. biboKralle says:

    Well for a midget, an iPad mini is still to big i guess… 5″ phone is more
    like a tablet. :P

  47. Haris Ahmad says:

    iPad mini vs. mini

  48. Gavfish St. Clair says:


  49. pnaoto4949 says:

    What happened this small man?
    Is he a adult?

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