iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S


In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has a…
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  1. ThamesOrIsis says:

    Part 2. Here’s a conversation between two iZombies that you’ll typically
    iZombie1: Hey, dude, have you heard, they’re launching the iPud6?!
    iZombie2: (Yawning) I already have it, and I was just trying to write you a
    text message to rub it in your face.
    iZombie1: Oooh-la-la! Can I see it?
    iZombie2: Get your grubby paws off my iPud6!
    iZombie1: Aw, c’mon, be a sport. Where’d ya get it?

    …And so on. But you get the basic idea of the high-level of interaction
    when two iZombies talk about their iPuds.

  2. CamCorConnection says:

    5s! with jailbreak!

  3. Snack says:

    iPhone 4S is better.

  4. Lukáš Mojžíš says:

    Parallel speed test? Really? Your router just can’t handle the simultaneous
    traffic. Learn how networks work and then never ever do simultaneous
    speedtests unless you want to make a stability test.

  5. ThamesOrIsis says:

    Apple products are for zombies (read the comments below and you’ll see what
    I mean). It doesn’t matter whether 4 or 5, whether iBone or iFad, or
    whatever else they come up with, all these zombies will start drooling.

  6. Ashley Plays says:

    yeah,people only hate on apple because of the price.If they could get it
    free they would be like this is the best thing ever

  7. kie9372 says:

    I want ipho ne I don’t no if I should get a 4s or just wait for 6

  8. AimanSalim HD says:

    I’m planning to buy iPhone 6 in the future but now I want an iPhone. Should
    I get 4s or 5?

  9. Aliza Darmawie says:

    im a warm tone lover

  10. 'μικρη καραμελιτσα' says:

    give me iPhone 5 plz ….

  11. jahzara mckenzie says:



  12. Bablu Singh says:


  13. Jake F. says:

    If you guys haven’t noticed, Apples iPhone hasn’t really changed. The only
    thing that has changed about the last two newest iPhones is the phone
    itself not the actual hardware. The only thing different from the iPhone 5C
    and the iPhone 5S is the look of the phone.

  14. Hagen Bischoff says:

    The 4s is much better because it is made of hard materials. 5 is easy to
    damage. Especially the black version is just a shame for Apple. Its a phone
    where you have to buy a case…. 

  15. Reuben Hunter says:

    Unlock iOS iDevice!!
    must readd.
    Moree. *JailbreakTUT. com.*
    its helps a lot!!! 

  16. Yash Patel says:

    iPhone 5s

  17. ThisTheGuy says:

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  18. Brammos1 says:

    iPhone 4S or Galaxy S 4 mini?

  19. stgz13 says:

    the only main difference between the 2 is their height

  20. Suzan Kheder says:

    I have iPhone 5s

  21. Mohamed Imam says:

    I Hav iPhone 5 Lolll

  22. cameron white says:

    Is the 4s 3g or 4g

  23. Ello Harfandy says:

    iphone 4s cellular not conected and iphone 5 is conected… user is
    cheater…. !!
    4s the best

  24. brother louis says:

    Build an iphone with reram static ram or dram with a tiny lithium baterry
    to power the dram, then use a low power cpu like 3 watts, then make
    cellphone frequency carriers.directional 3 mhz just lower it geez why can’t
    electronic enginneers be intelligent if your gonna selll a smartphone be
    fuckin SMART when u make it

  25. Ali Haider says:

    Iphone 5 is slow, small and it looks like cheap plastic lol. Samsung have

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