Nokia Lumia Live Exclusive – behind the scenes at the deadmau5 event


Awesome footage from the Millbank Tower 4D LumiaLive show

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  1. wixostrix says:

    @phamjthaisbaor I couldn’t agree more. I’m so grateful Nokia picked up Windows Phone and is really committing to it. They’re doing a amazing marketing job and I can’t wait for them to hit Stateside. Microsoft and Nokia are going to have one hell of a 2012.

  2. Haroldo338 says:

    tri masa ese telefome eu tenho um nokia

  3. ToniesTunes says:

    That is the coolest thing

  4. dellzzzzzz says:

    I own a lumia 800 bud i get the feeling that it misses some simple features and options, I hope in the next WP8 they will work on those problems!

  5. phamjthaisbaor says:

    NOKIA will be successful with this NOKIA LUMIA 800, I bet

  6. Hafidenco says:


  7. maximusD11 says:

    Wow… bout the empire state building in NY. I double dare u Nokia and Microsoft….I said…. I double dare u!!!!!!!!!

  8. tissot233 says:

    looked absolutely amazing live!

  9. vexxe78 says:

    Excellent! Best Regards, Vesa Miettinen, ICT programmer

  10. cesarsiemens says:


  11. techdude2121 says:


  12. chunky1x says:

    Why did you did this in Britain? The weather there is crappy and force you to scrub your aerial shots.

  13. TerenceHorsman says:


  14. MrShishaReview says:

    first !!

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