Nokia N95 8GB Mobile Phone Review


With all that touch screen madness floating around, I take a look at the Nokia N95 8GB, which can now be had for very reasonable prices on contract. More great reviews at www.geekanoids.co.uk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out my hands-on review of the sensational HTC Sensation Mobile Phone. Useful Links Supplied by: www.htc.com Sponsor: www.mygreatfest.net YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Website: www.geekanoids.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com My intro & outro was created with the help of a template by Nefos. Link: videohive.net

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  1. fatmunchy1 says:


  2. fatmunchy1 says:

    im watching this on my ipod touch 4g

  3. andreww1212 says:

    Had this phone when it came out. Absolutely incredible. The only thing that sucked about it was the keypad and software. Everything else was perfect.

  4. kazitauhid says:

    Nice. Go ahead.

  5. ElvarSlayer says:

    My dad used this phone for over 3 years. He didnt regret it. But suddenly the battery sometimes shuts down automatically..? Now he has the iPhone 4s. I use this phone now. Any reasons why the battery shuts off automatically?.

  6. sumwatfamus says:

    really ads on youtube videos? i mean we could easily jump over it by just seeking

  7. jericho0210 says:

    Definitely the BEST phone ever, i have an iphone and yet the features between the 2 are incomparable, N95 boast loads of features that iphone dont have.

  8. sudennik says:

    Hi.Норм так тело,видео в 360р без проблем хавает.

  9. nikola94arilje says:

    i just bought this phone, and is very good…

  10. usamasaif95 says:

    I am using this phone from last 2.5 years and very impress from its built quality.This phone is great.

  11. rsfaillol says:

    @Mr7Beans i have nokia 5230 ant that nokia 5230 is shit blieve me just go ahead and buy n95! i will not take nokia ever again i will get xperia mini pro 2g lol when it will arrive in my country… 2g is second the new one will arrive with 1ghz processor

  12. ThePussihousu says:

    Nokia is a city/town in Finland 😀

  13. Mr7Beans says:

    This or Nokia 5230

  14. irishgeoff1 says:

    google:- the yapper zapper. Its a very cool mini cell phone jammer

  15. philball31 says:

    I prefer the size of the n95….wish id never got rid of mine

  16. Makaronimano says:

    i buy almoust new n95 8gb in 100 euros and best buy i have ever made..Great phone and my iphone is for sell now.Hail Nokia! iphone is trend phone..i have normal n95 3 yrs ago but it was stoled and i lost over 700 pictures,videos,txt etc and its still pissing me off.

  17. Ethanjamesventer says:


  18. TheCoCaIn3 says:

    My brother is 10years old. Hi wants this phone. Is it good for him? :) ty for answer

  19. Jeed1991 says:

    @davomrmac thank you ,, and also thanx for the video ^^

  20. davomrmac says:

    @Jeed1991 Tour Bus – an Apple loop.

  21. Jeed1991 says:

    what’s the name of the song at the beginning ? plz

  22. casuallife27 says:

    i got a new touch phone and its shit 4 transfering music so im going back 2 this phone,bit of a brick and small memory but still a great phone

  23. Travsterable says:

    @HeWhoDarez The stereo speakers is LEGENDARY man. It sounds as if you’re in the theater or something and it’s 1000% times better than the ipod touch 4th geenration sound quality. But with all due respect, I agree with you on everything else you said (: Love my N95

  24. MrJackAlkis says:

    my dream phone

  25. davomrmac says:

    @MrDimitrija cheers.

  26. 4JRimmer says:


    Super LCD rocks + it’s got higher resolution than the Galaxy S2.

    AMOLED gives conserves energy better, so Galaxy S2 probably has slightly better battery life.

    But, let me tell you this Super LCD completely ROCKS compared to AMOLED for picture quality.

    I’d go HTC Sensation. Easy.

  27. Imadeyourun says:

    Yo Dave, which phone has more storage, Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation?

  28. Imadeyourun says:

    Yo Dave, which phone has more storage, GS2 or HTC XE?

  29. jodielou903 says:

    HTC sensation XE OR XL Which one is better?

  30. TurkeyINT says:

    @TurkeyINT still?

  31. DylRicho says:

    @TurkeyINT He means a larger screen than the iPhone.

  32. TurkeyINT says:

    @davomrmac nope, XE has thhe same screen (not larger I mean) its XL which has a larger screen

  33. smileyb10 says:

    hey dave, htc sensation, htc desire hd or iphone 4?

  34. 0110monica says:

    hey dave should i get the htc sensation or the google nexus?

  35. BERTO929 says:

    Does anyone know which HTC phone is going to come out in December 2011 or early 2012 for AT&T ?

  36. Fredthedrummer21 says:

    Lovely review, alot of information to work with :)

  37. dnickolov says:

    hey guys ! can u give me an advice? which phone I should buy -LG optimus 3d or HTC sensation? thnx for the help :)

  38. WPJProductions1 says:

    what is the best htc phone

  39. WPJProductions1 says:

    how much month, also do u prefer htc phones or apple or sony ericsson or samsung or motorola

  40. solid78121 says:

    i got my htc sensation on Thursday I’ve been watching your comparison videos they have been very helpful
    htc sensation is very smooth on playing games which use alot of cpu like nova hero of sparta and more

  41. kkingvg says:

    @BlueBoyofUs !sensation! the sensation has a 1.2 GHz processor and the wildfire s has 600 the sensation also has a lot more memory. I have a wildfire s and want a sensation!

  42. Audi123000 says:

    @BlueBoyofUs sensation

  43. BlueBoyofUs says:

    hey which one would you rather get htc sensation or htc wildfire s

  44. themac6200 says:

    @davomrmac i know >_<

  45. davomrmac says:

    @themac6200 Well I love my iPhone 4S so this would be my choice, but the Sensation XE has a superb and larger screen, very hard choice.

  46. themac6200 says:

    hey dave htc sensation xe or iphone 4s ?

  47. olj23 says:

    I’m thinking of getting the HTC Sensation and was wondering if you could change the unlock style? (slide/swipe the screen) I personally don’t like how you swipe the circle upwards.

  48. TheGreenday240 says:

    hey dave i am thinking of buying a new phone
    should i buy an iphone 4s,an htc phone or just wait for the samsung galaxy nexus which is coming out in november?

  49. naumanyaminch says:

    @davomrmac exactly the answer i was aspecting.I personally liked HTC after watching the video.more elegant then galaxy (no offense). thanks for the advice

  50. davomrmac says:

    @PureEpicMan better build quality, feels better in the hand.

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