Prizefight – HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5


http://cnet.co/11eLkxh HTC brings one of the best-designed Android phones to take on Apple’s iPhone and its stellar design pedigree. It’s the HTC One up agai…
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  1. iEvoss says:


  2. jurij kirsanov says:

    the iphone is the best smartp*slap* STFU kid!!!!!

  3. TheMacki95 says:

    HTC all the way

  4. Robisbad94 says:

    Ok, so the Apple iPhone 5 is way faster than android phones, we get it. Enjoy your 0.5 second speed difference while we android users enjoy our apps, customization options, variety, and more. :) have fun with your 6 year old UI and your very nice lock screen which i might add is very customizable,(you can change your wallpaper, and….. uhmmm… sooo…. yup) also how could i forget your 0.5 second speed difference from ours 😉

  5. HighlyClassifiedUser says:

    I got both phones. Just bought the HTC One today! The screen is amazing! But yea, the iPhone has way better performance. Using the HTC One as we speak…

  6. EhPuff says:

    someone’s an Apple fanboy. ^

  7. awe donde says:

    I got both of it..yes it is true android got so many apps and features..BUT,in term of performance wise,nothing can beat iphone 5.superfast A6 chip.even s4 with 8 cores also still cant beat iphone 5.the real smartphphones,its iphone 5…from Malaysia.

  8. MisterRageQuit says:

    Damn ill admit im an apple fanboy but i love the HTC one its an amazing phone still got the iphone 5 but i went ahead and bought the HTC one just to switch it up every once in a while

  9. iTzFabioUlus says:

    lol stupid

  10. alex smith says:

    It’s funny how the Android fanboys who already have the phone he coming back to talk trash about Apple. If you already have it, you shouldn’t be looking up reviews about the phone… lmao

  11. alex smith says:

    Someone’s an Andriod fanboy. ^

  12. catha86 says:

    the thing I don’t get is how the hell iphone got a score so close to htc one when the htc can do so much more. if it would be the other way around htc one would get 3-4 in score and iphone 5. this is bullshit

  13. 7neoxis1337 says:

    Did I just hear BOMSHAKALAKA? T.O.P? :D!!

  14. thekendrickhuynh says:

    He made a sound point. All of Apple’s products look exactly the same. For newer generations, they change tiny details. For Android manufacturers, they improve screen density, hardware specs, and software improvements that change with major details every year. Android is also notorious for its customization, so unless you want a phone that looks exactly the same as other people who also owns the phone, then go for Apple. He had an opinion, respect it, just like I respected yours.

  15. ooflajboo says:

    wow, from this video, now I think Iphones suck balls. They pale in comparison to MOST android phones and windows phones. ESPECIALLY the HTC one and galaxy s4!

  16. MrZeustersmith says:

    actually all of googles services come to android first…

  17. jwllamas says:

    Ignorant statement. There’s no better phone. Sure, the HTC One may have better specs than the iPhone 5, but it’s all personal preference. The user experiences are completely different and in some aspects, the iPhone 5 beats the HTC One. I’m tired of Android fan boys thinking that Android phones are the best things ever.

  18. Xiidol says:

    This is going to get disliked to hell but the iPhone 5 is better than the HTC One. I got the HTC One a few days ago and ill tell you a bit about it. The HTC One’s BlinkFeed sucks donkey dick and is impossible to remove. The phone comes with 7GB of bloatare. I do on the other hand love the screen; 1080p video is amazing and the sound is extraordinary. But the BlinkFeed and BloatWare are just absolute killers. Bringing the phone back and getting $200 worth of credit for the iPhone 5. Sorry Android

  19. jafjaf ahmad says:

    Iphone 5

  20. Tyler Spencer says:

    Man! You guys are such fanboys! The HTC One is for people that like advanced and customizable phones and iPhone 5 is for people that like simple phones!

  21. DEEPAK CHAUHAN says:

    WTF at 2:56

  22. DEEPAK CHAUHAN says:

    There are two types of phone in this world

  23. Nikhil Nag says:

    this review is so biased just because the htc one is new xD did htc guys pay you to do this? and why don’t you mention the fact that you can get all of google’s services on iOS but not vice versa?

  24. kkpjvideomakes says:

    Iphone 5! HTC One is cool too, I guess..

  25. Dwayne Campbell says:

    Sorry Steve, they fucked up your empire, the HTC one will still be a better choice, just because of the price range, compared to what seems like a greedy corporate 500 dollar phone, that isn’t even that great compared the its rival, as soon as I bought this beauty my sister was mad she spent 500 dollars on a phone

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