Q&A: How do I install a sound as a ringtone AND a alarm on my Droid?


Question by R0CKSTAR!: How do I install a sound as a ringtone AND a alarm on my Droid?
I’m new to this whole smart phone thing. I was looking at the android “market” yesterday…and saw these apps by “tinyfast”–I downloaded several. Each had a few good, free, song clips. If you click and hold down on the song, it pops up with a window that says :

I picked several as “ringtone” and it installed them as ringtones. But I would also like to have them as alarm sounds too! I went back in to the app, and tried the click hold down and then select alarm, and it said installed..but it won’t install them as RINGTONES AND ALARMS. JUST ONE OR THE OTHER! HOW CAN I FIX IT SO IT’S BOTH? HELP! This is the app, by the way:

Also..anyone know of any good FREE ringtone apps on the market? Or a good one for editing/making your own ringtones? Thanks!

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Answer by Beef Tacos
Go to the Market.

Download a program called ZEDGE. They have over 400 thousand ringtones and 89 thousand wallpapers. All searchable. Its completely free and awesome.
My current ringtone is the Zelda game theme song.

Have fun!

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