Q&A: I already have a laptop but I want more portability. What should I buy next, “Netbook” or “Ipad”?


Question by Vonny S: I already have a laptop but I want more portability. What should I buy next, “Netbook” or “iPad”?
I’m basically looking for something easier to carry around since the laptop that I purchased this past summer is a 15inch Lenovo. The primary use of my new purchase would be surfing the web & downloading books.
Now I seem to be stuck between the “iPad” and “Netbook” choices.
Which one would be best? Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Indian_reader
You can go only for Netbook (Mini)

Its a great choice of today net users

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  1. Colanth says:

    They’re both about the same size, but a netbook gives you a LOT more computer for a lot less money.

  2. naruto_fan JC says:

    Net book Definitely it has more versatility in my opinion.

  3. Bruce Lee says:

    You should get an aPad – similar to ipad but alot cheaper and juts like the same exact thing. I got mine at replicapad.com and it works fantastic. Just about the same as an iPad …

  4. simcity4ever says:

    The iPad is great, but netbooks give you a little more functionality as far as actually getting things done. However, the screens on netbooks aren’t good at all and they’re painfully slow. The iPad also doesn’t have Flash, which could be a problem. I never advise getting a an iPad as a laptop replacement, but I really dislike netbooks for many reasons. So my answer would be neither, however…

    A computer that does give you netbook-like portability while being plenty fast for just about everything (even some light gaming) is the Lotus Solstice 13. It’s very thin and light, and is in every sense a full computer. It has full-size keys, a nice 13″ screen, and a Core i3 processor so you’re really not missing anything, but you gain the size and low weight of a netbook. It’s a win-win. You can get it with Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux, so they give you nice choices there too. The Solstice 13 also comes with SSDs (Solid State Drives) instead of traditional hard drives, meaning it starts up faster, loads and saves files faster, and is more resistant to shock since it doesn’t have any moving parts. SSDs are also completely silent, making this laptop even quieter than many laptops and netbooks.

    Here’s the page for the Solstice 13: http://www.lotuspc.net/solstice13.html

    If you want more info or want to buy one, the people at Lotus are very friendly and amazingly helpful. You can’t buy online, but they will sell you a computer by email. That’s how I ordered mine :-)

    Good luck!

  5. Phoenix says:

    The only difference between the lap top and the net book is net book is easy to carry as it is of small size but the i pad much smaller than net book and you can carry it where ever you go very easily.
    as the i pad is full touch,reading the e books in the i pad makes you feel like as you reading the normal book and apple applications are very cool and interesting to use and it is very good enough for surfing the web and watching the videos
    coming to the end it is a best companion which would be help full in many tasks

  6. cc11rocks says:

    You should definitely get a netbook. I recommend the Asus EEE 1005 HAB PC. It is one of the best at $ 300. I program things all the time, play browser games, do research for school, work on presentations, and play occasional games such as Civilization 4 and Sims 2 (even though the system requirements are more than my netbook I modded Civ4 and it runs 100% fine)
    Here is a small comparison:
    Netbooks VS. Ipad
    Netbooks are cheaper. The majority of them run between $ 200-$ 400. And after you spend all that money on accessories and
    upgrade options for the iPad, you’d be able to buy three netbooks for the same amount of money.
    With a netbook, you can multitask, allowing you to run several apps at the same time.
    There is absolutely no Flash support in the iPad, netbooks have full Flash support.
    Netbooks have USB ports, about two to three on average. The iPad has none.
    Higher Resolutions. There are several 10-inch netbooks that offer 1,366-by-768 resolutions, namely the HP Mini 5102,
    Dell Mini 10, and Sony VAIO VGN W-Series. The iPad tops out at 1,024 by 768.
    Netbooks have options for bigger screens. You can get one with an 11-inch or 12-inch widescreen.
    Removable batteries. You can buy an additional battery for your netbook if you want, allowing it to last for multiple days.
    Every single netbook comes with a webcam for video conferencing and chats. Ipads do not have webcams
    They have physical keyboards, so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy a physical one that docks.
    Multiformat card readers are built into every netbook, so you can download photos and videos from your camera. Ipads have 0
    Netbooks have the potential to support handwriting recognition. Handwriting recognition is built into Windows and convertible
    netbook tablets already exist, so it’s only a matter of time before Wacom bursts into action.
    Netbooks have a clamshell design, so their screens are less likely to get scratched.
    Netbooks use faster processors.
    Netbooks can easily be “modded” with more RAM, bigger hard drive capacity, or a different operating system.
    With a netbook, you can get apps through other means besides iTunes. (any third party software)
    Netbooks have an Ethernet port and some have a Gigabit Ethernet. Thus, if the Wi-Fi’s throughput is not enough for streaming
    HD video, you can always plug in a network cable.
    Some netbooks can play back 720p and 1080p HD videos, using the latest Nvidia Ion chips
    Netbooks have shown that they can last longer than 10 hours on a single battery charge. (mine can go for approx. 8 hours)
    There are countless netbook designs to choose from. So if, say, the Toshiba mini NB305-N410’s plastics don’t suit you, the
    metals in the HP Mini 5102 might.
    Netbooks can run a full-blown Windows OS.
    You’re not tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on accessories for netbooks.
    Some netbooks have both VGA-Out and HDMI-Out, without the need for a connector.
    Gaming is more advanced on a netbook (i can run Civ 4 on my netbook even though it does not meet the minimum standards)
    Some netbooks, like the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and S10, have ExpressCard slots, so you can add expansion cards for FireWire, TV
    tuner, legacy ports, or 3G/4G wireless
    You can choose different 3G wireless carriers with a netbook.
    Netbooks purchased from Costco or ASUS come with two-year standard warranties. The iPad will likely give you one year
    You can print files from a netbook.
    Netbooks have more networking capabilities, such as the ability to map to drives and printers.
    With a netbook, you can connect an optical drive for all your Netflix and Blockbuster rentals. (DVD drive)
    You can buy turn-by-turn direction software for netbooks that have embedded GPS options.
    Netbooks can support multiple OSes. Most netbooks have Linux pre-boot environments that will get you access to a browser and
    e-mail data within seconds.
    Netbooks are more child-friendly. Disney and Nickelodeon have launched netbooks with a ton of child-friendly software. And
    netbooks like the Dell Latitude 2100 and HP Mini 5102 are being deployed in schools.
    The Dell Mini 10 has an option for a built-in TV tuner, so you can watch and record live TV.
    Your netbook can run multiple browsers, so you’re not stuck with Safari only.
    Netbooks can run Java.
    Netbooks can run multiple Exchange Mail accounts.
    You don’t need another computer to sync your data.
    Netbooks with Nvidia’s Ion chipset can support external Blu-ray drives.
    Ipads can only story 64 GB of hard drive space. (mine can store 160 GB)
    You can play browser games (such as farmville) because there is flash

    multitouch interface
    built-in keyboard (not physical, can be good or bad)
    16GB ($ 500), 32GB ($ 600), or 64GB ($ 700)flash drive for iPad (wifi only)
    16GB ($ 629), 32GB ($ 729), or 64GB ($ 829)flash drive for iPad (wifi + 3G) *you have to pay for 3G service
    250MB month: $ 15; 1GB month: $ 25
    1 Ghz A4 Processor Ipad (all)
    1.6 Ghz Intel® Atom™ ($ 300 netbook)
    unlimited for Netbooks…price for 160 GB $ 300
    Audio formats supported: HE-AAC (V1), AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR,
    Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV for ipad
    any for netbook
    Viewable document types: .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages);
    .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint);
    .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) for iPad
    any for netbook

  7. Adam C says:

    Trust me, get a netbook. For at least half the money, you can get a device that is 10 times more functional than an iPad and had 10 times the storage space. I would recommend the Asus Eee PC 1001P.

    Hope This Helped.

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