Q&A: What’s the difference between “mobile to mobile” and texting?


Question by KT: What’s the difference between “mobile to mobile” and texting?
I’m confused! The commerical with the girl and her mom (the “bff jill” commercial) that package is for unlimited mobile to mobile and 200 texts. Yet – unlimited text and mobile to mobile is like $ 20. What exactly is “mobile to mobile messaging”? Thanks for you answers.
nvm it just didn’t make sense since it wuz supposed to be a texting problem and it wuz for mobile to mobile which isn’t really messaging at all its calling

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Answer by unknown
if you buy a plan with for ex. 250 and you send 2 a different carrier your texts will got to 249 left but if you send 1 2 the same carrier it will not take away and messages left so you will stay at 250

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  1. xhotttamalex says:

    with it u get unlimited texting to anyone that has cingular. then u get 200 texts for anyone that doesnt have cingular.

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