Safe Text Campaign – Dead Ahead Film


The above is from a viral film titled “Dead Ahead” which raises awareness of the dangers of texting whilst driving in Kent. www.facebook.com
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  1. JASONGREEK2307 says:

    Unlike you Europeans , the Japanese are pro at this . My friend’s car has a mini keyboard ( he attached it on the steering , wich you can wire with most Japanese cellphones and iphones , plus 6 mini screens in the front and also place for 2 figurines , led lights inside ( light purple to pink wich I like it ) . That is how technology helps you . You do not have to buy expensive big cars , little cars are better and especially after you build them a bit inside , and outside of course .

  2. PnutButter1986 says:

    lol, she looked at the new car really hard. What a faggot car he just bought. Text driving is easy, you just keep your eyes on the road and slow down unlike the fucking doofus in the video. I’ve been doing it for years in a safe and responsible way. ie only take your attention away from the road on clear straights and for no more than half a second

  3. henry0rokz says:


  4. RedSeaCoral says:

    i knew what was coming, so sad, brilliant campaign thankx for uploading.

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