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seattle.localUSA.mobi Text MYBIZ to 72727 for a FREE report on how Mobile Marketing can bring a surge of new customers and new business from existing customers in just a few short weeks. The effects of Mobile text marketing for your Offline Business will be noticeable almost instantly. Using Mobile Marketing correctly to Advance Your Business 1. Know that Mobile and Computers Users Are Not The Same Mobile users search online in a different way. They aren’t on your internet site to research and thus download and read your PDF information. The vast majority of mobile phone users are usually searching online as a way to find common information because they are running errands all over town. Because of the compact phone display they may have they aren’t intereted in clicking all over your internet site to look for what they need. So an effective mobile site would have minimal but essential info right on the front web page. 2. Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience Mobile promotion with text message messages exclusively operates if you transmit a new message to the correct folks. A few establishments make the miscalculation of treating Text (Short Message Service) like a mass advertising media rather than the targeting resource that it was intended to be. Text message promotion ads let you employ certain demographic and also behavioral info in order to concentrate on particular buyer categories at certain times. “Targeting” indicates your current sales message is extremely

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