The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III


Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing—and it’s already here. Learn more and join the community at
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Experience the power, performance and freedom of the Samsung ATIV Smart PC with K-Pop sensation EXO-K, and get ready to create your Smart Style! For more details, please visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 9600rehanrather says:

    s3 has the best features any phone could have….really innovative and game changing …. love it

  2. 9600rehanrather says:

    lol…I can’t help but laugh at some comments…Samsung not innovative?..Samsung has just entered the phone business …it’s the leader in tv’s …which are THE best and most innovative…also in refrigerators…other appliances…chips ..even for apple …hardware for tons of companies….software…and thousands of things….Samsung is a 40 billion dollar plus enterprise without the whole Samsung computers and phones industry…commonly known as Samsung electronics…and Samsung electronics is

  3. Aljuaidi2012 says:


    يا ريت تدعموني انا جديد

  4. Gregory Walz-Chojnacki says:

    Don’t really know about the phone, but the ad is brilliant

  5. gomotime says:

    oh samsung u are good but apple is better

  6. ftgrs says:

    9,056 people are iSheep

  7. MrKennyiskickass says:

    I smell a fanboy 

  8. Nopi Fajar Prasetyo says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 better

  9. Tom Ho says:

    Using Apple iPhone used to look cool.

    Now it looks stupid and stubborn.

  10. lantean99 says:

    Are you kidding me? Really? Samsung does not have anything innovative. They just copy and paste!!!! They lacked of the magic touch which the core success of every apple product. Who on earth would select stupid devices which has worst built quality ever, it doesnt even last longer than 1 year or 2. ALL the samsung employees dont even recommend their own products to their friends. What make you think, ppl would want it.

  11. dmanjj2 says:

    No. The Samsung Galaxy S3 sold great even before this add. They didn’t need too.

  12. PinoyBoiAko says:

    When you have Apple employees at the Apple store telling you to get this instead of the iPhone 5, then you should probably listen to them lol I got my GS3 2 weeks ago and I love it!

  13. 96jortega says:

    the headphone jack is going to be on the BOTTOM!! *Mind Blown*
    Pretty accurate description of apple fans.

  14. DragonPupEclipse says:

    I agree with you most parts. But the only thing i disagree with you is the Galaxy Tab Assassinated the iPad. I still think IPad is still the best tablet over the Galaxy tab. But soon Galaxy Tab is going to assassinate Ipad.

  15. alexc3895 says:

    This ad says otherwise.

  16. TheTOWERBLACK says:

    I don’t get it?

  17. TheTOWERBLACK says:

    This ad makes me sick

  18. ref4nej2 says:

    Most of Apple’s labour force isn’t in the US, most of it in China. Would you rather your money go to Korea, an ally or China, your biggest threat?

  19. Stephen Braden says:

    you my friend are called the uninformed public or too much of a pussy to use a true smartphone with a shit ton of customizable options and settings you can just fuck with personalizing your phone to the way YOU want it, cant do that with an outdated iphone 5 pos dual core who the fuck wants that with an AMAZING 4inch display oh wait everyone wants atleast a 5 inch now a days iphone cant keep up

  20. Stephen Braden says:

    iphones suck they havent changed since 2007 the same old boring app drawer you get to stare at with NO widgets how boring!!! getting a note 2 from verizon cant wait (:

  21. Nespup says:

    Apple may be an American company ,but except of the design most of their products are made china right next to the Samsung factory. Apple might as well be a Chinese company.

  22. Bobbruce1990 says:

    samsung gs3 = inspired by nature, designed for humans
    iphone 5= inspired by sheeps, designed for women

  23. YURMOM911 says:

    Everybody ranting on which phone is better. I switched from crappy Android 2.3 Ginger Bread to iOS 6, and never regretted it. Just stick with what you’re comfortable people.

  24. james la says:

    said like a boss dude!

  25. WreckedCannon says:

    i prefer an iphone to the galaxy s3.. just my opinion

  26. Kim Jong In says:

    omo greeennnnn

  27. Kim Jong In says:


  28. izziehazel says:

    I just lose it whenever i see kai

  29. freziitaph says:

    OMG!! EXO-K KYAAAA ya quiero que hagan su comeback EXO ^^

  30. Exo DoKyungsoo says:

    음..백현,,ㅋㅋㅋ그래도다들너무멋있다ㅠㅠ 엑소때문에사고싶어지네요~~ㅎㅎ

  31. Diana Price says:

    I told my dad I wanted this… I showed him this and he was like ” I will think about it”…jesus i want this!

  32. iloveyewso says:


  33. Diana Price says:

    i saw that!!!! I kept thinking SM is full of siwon look alikes…its Kangta’s fault:D

  34. ChiNGlUVSU says:

    OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. MY FEELS!!! ASDK;HFA;K SJDVXMN.ASD,XNFJKCSZDB the room sehun and chanyeol were in looks just like the room changmin was in. or maybe they’re the same room !!! 😀 asd’hasghakdjkla’hgwlksndx

  35. awesomemini012 says:

    I can just imagine this as EXO-K/EXO’s teaser for their comeback.

  36. pockystickz36 says:

    Their fingers are even prettier than mine… and I’m a girl. T.T Gah, *jealous*.

  37. adrianandraj says:

    Mc hammer pants…i never thought i ‘d see them again

  38. cris13lol says:


  39. erynnlow says:

    the colour of his hair jus spray up only 

  40. xxphiaxx25 says:

    “(It’s the freedom) You’ve got to grab it if you don’t take it down. Freedom, power show your ability you’ve got no doubt. (United power) Together as we may take control, you better wake up, get ready to be a second than none”

  41. XdazzXify says:

    Sehun has green hair ???? new hair for comeback or wat..??

  42. ChaOhLinJjang says:


  43. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします says:


  44. KingFilange says:

    does exo k come with a purchase of this device>3<

  45. MeanYeol EXO says:

    LOVE U ALL <33333333333

  46. nanaluvkpop says:

    baekhyunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cool image doesnt match for u… because u r cute thing… just kyeopta baekhyunaaaaaa

  47. eijemthegreat says:

    I stretched my hand in front of the screen like an idiot when Kai handled the laptop as if I could really touch it

  48. Jaemijx11 says:

    When is the release of the full version?? if there is

  49. Nhi Trương says:

    I have replay this again again and again. lol Suho Chanyeol so handsome! And Sehun Baekhyun D.O are handsome too. love this song can Sm make Mv?pleaseeeeee

  50. Summertha says:

    Kai <3

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