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Get a sneak peek at some of the exciting new features we’re working on for Microsoft Dynamics AX. This brief tutorial focuses on the mobile applications for …
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  1. Imam Setyawan says:

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  2. Jose Caballer says:

    J Moore, it was not intended as a “tricky tactic” – you are right – we dont’ actually go into how to deliver this as a “app” in the App Store. We do mention that fact at the end. Or Ray mentions that. We are using the word application as a broader term. If we wasted your time I apologize.

  3. Jaka Samudra says:

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  4. J Moore says:

    Your title ” How do I build Mobile Applications using jQuery?” is deceptive. You did not show us how to do this. You showed how to build a jQuery website. Mobile apps are applications you download to your mobile phones. But it is a good tricky tactic to get people to come to watch your video, even though they don’t get to see what they wanted to. I am sure you don;t care if you waste people time.

  5. TheInternetTraining says:

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  6. asjon09 says:

    Yea you guys really do need to be on tv or something. Every time I try to research web design this channel pops up. I finally subscribed

  7. Teo Reyes says:


  8. Tahir Jamil says:

    I tested for my clients that mobile phones compatible website increase visitors by 50 percent.

  9. Thetonemaster1 says:

    sorry say that again?? sounds good

  10. uniquesolutionseu says:

    what you are adding? i don’t get your first sentence “I’ve been adding the for a few weeks to existing client sites ” anyway it’s good that you are earning easy money

  11. flint0131 says:


  12. Viktor Wahlberg says:

    Great video. This is a subject that is important as more and more peps get online with their phones. Great thanks!

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