Why The HTC ONE Deserves More Recognition | HTC ONE REVIEW


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

HTC One Review – Two Months Later Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: People often ask what phone I use as my daily driver, and typically my …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Fareed A. H. says:

    HTC One FTW
    Why you ask??? Coz I haven’t had so many iterations of Android OS versions
    on any other phone

    4.1 -> 4.2.2 -> 4.3 and for the HTC One Google Play edition, the Android
    4.4 KitKat code has been submitted to Google a few days back. HTC is
    serious about its flagship and THAT my friends is something worth

    P.S.: Blinkfeed just informs me that AT&T Halts Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 Jelly
    Bean Update… Source: IBT

  2. Nigel bermudez says:

    i want the htc one so bad but everybody says get the latest phone like
    nexus 5 or note 3 because they have a 800 processor what should i do?:( is
    the htc one fast enough? i am coming from a freaking blackberry 9900

  3. 3oHe1 says:

    awesome vid 

  4. cam94z28 says:

    @Coldfustion Now 5 months later, Did you ever solve the camera issue
    mentioned in your other video? I’m hoping it was a software issue, and
    waiting on your results before i consider upgrading.

  5. George Thomas says:

    where can i get the picture of the girl in the HUF hat? At 7:10 – 7:20

  6. Isaac Barajas says:

    The HTC One is beautiful. I love my phone. 

  7. Bogdan Macanovic says:

    Watching it on my htc one :)

  8. Daniel Turner says:

    Thank you!!! I love this phone. Your video wasn’t bad to look at either!!!

  9. Koaladude3000 says:

    poor htc i think it deserves the iphones fame

  10. Derry Griffiths says:

    Is this still a good phone to get, or is it a little old? I would be
    upgrading from a galaxy note 2.

  11. Лев П. says:

    Awesome review, subbed 😉

  12. Fiqri Rihyawan says:

    nice review dude, love the background songs

  13. Jordon Grubic says:

    Any microphone problems? I’ve read about a lot of them and it’s making me
    apprehensive about buying one.

  14. Hayden Smith says:

    How are you liking it? Any questions from a seven month HTC One user?

  15. Antonio Velazquez says:

    I love my red HTC one …it’s just amazing!

  16. The Controllers says:

    Want one now

  17. ReviewsInHQ says:

    how did u get those graphics settings that high on modern combat??

  18. oxz15 says:

    getting my htc one tomorrow! 😀

  19. Neil Patel says:

    Is that a setting you applied? If so, what did you do?

  20. ImDaBawss1 says:

    Anyone know the song at the beginning?

  21. Bart VV says:

    Good review !, But i would not advice on using a stronger and more rapid
    charger. due to the Alu construction, and the battery sitting right behind
    the mobo, Fast(er) charging can make the phone quite ( too ) hot. Just use
    the HTC charger or even better Usb charge it on your PC…

  22. TheSocialNetLurk says:

    Does anyone know where I can get that background of the girl in the huf hat?

  23. Cj Saeem says:

    One of the best review with perfect presentation and
    style…………….like it

  24. Shan Shane says:

    @ Xperia Z1 , right , Z1 rocks lmao ? What exactly ? poor battery , poor
    screen , poor sound , oversized phone with small screen for it’s size , the
    size is nearly the same as of note 3 but screen much smaller , or perhaps
    your camera firmware sux , or perhaps device overheating , yep these are
    all what XZ1 has and HTC one doesn’t ^.^

  25. Nigel bermudez says:

    i want the htc one so bad but everybody says get the latest phone like
    nexus 5 or note 3 because they have a 800 processor what should i do?:( is
    the htc one fast enough? i am coming from a freaking blackberry 9900

  26. PewDiePi says:

    I’m seriously contemplating suicide over the fact that I don’t have this
    phone. Might seem selfish, but It’s nothing compared to the fact that
    people complain because they don’t have the newest iPhone when they have
    the second latest one.

  27. MacOSX1998 says:

    @Nigelbermudez You can buy even S3! Difference is really small! And don’t
    care about benchmark. It’s useless, because manufacturers write software
    for better test results. You can buy HTC One

  28. 繆 博宇 says:

    Plus its bulletproof

  29. Shown Veesly says:

    Hey guys. i am going to buy a HTC One. what s your opinion? is it good to

  30. Hossein Pishyar says:


  31. Tam Teng Ken says:

    htc one or samsung s4? pls advice :/

  32. xXRaTeDrockstarXx says:

    thought i was gonna get the nexus 5, waited for it, now I realised that the
    one is for me.

  33. ES AnGel says:

    My dream its to get this phone ine my hands :/

  34. Waiman Baak says:


  35. H SMITH says:

    This guy is good!

  36. Jordon Grubic says:

    Having any microphone problems? I’ve read about a lot of people having
    microphone problems during phone calls with people on the receiving end
    unable to hear them very well.

  37. Can Yildirim says:

    Fyi, I got one too, no gps problem here at all

  38. whswt says:

    they give you warranties for a reason retards, if you doubt in htc’s
    hardware then dont lose the warranty or root your device for 1 year.

  39. Caleb Lopez says:

    I’ve always had issues with HTC and I’m scared to try their phones again

  40. undermekanormal groverhut says:

    my htc sensation had constant problems where it locked it self and turnd it
    self off etc the volume button fell off and now the leds behind the screen
    are doing all sorts of difrent things. First it got different colored lines
    that went across the screen and now the screen is completely black but when
    it does work, the screen is upside down and the text is mirrored. Will the
    same thing happen if i buy an htc one or can i trust htc this time.

  41. videoguy640 says:

    The One mini doesn’t have an IR blaster and is a little weaker on the tech
    side, but it still does really well.

  42. videoguy640 says:

    Not on mines, works perfectly. Must be a rare case.

  43. C:// says:

    1000th comment

  44. Maor Maor says:

    The gps works perfectly. Btw how come his buttons are blue and mines white

  45. Xeknuu says:

    Congratulations! You Won The nothing Award! 😀

  46. Jenny Knox says:

    Is the GPS really slow? damn it

  47. Kathryn Blue says:

    Nope,I’m 1000th haha

  48. Jonathon Plumbley says:

    1000th comment

  49. ByakuyaReborn says:

    Make sure it’s not faulty.

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