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A new Wii trailer with lots of people in white clothes.
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Nintendo unveils their next video game console, the Wii U. Check out what gamers can expect from the finally revealed Wii 2/Project Cafe in this trailer from E3 2011. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up

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  1. Xuzzas says:

    Wii is good :) but not as good as xbox or ps3, anyway high definition console and looks fun

  2. HardstepTijuana says:

    @TheLaurinha2012 lol well i can afford the two of them and teah ok ill get a 3DS system am does it have like mii communication like the psp has skype?

  3. TheLaurinha2012 says:

    @HardstepTijuana well, i think you should buy a 3DS because is AWESOME!!!But if you cant afford one i think you should buy the dsi which is great too:P

  4. HardstepTijuana says:

    just asking and wana know why there a lot of haters in YT posting hate videos of nintendo why they dont shut the fuck up and play what they like to play and let the other people do the same huh?its hard 4 haters 2 stop that BTW i love well not love but i have a ps2 xbox 360(but im gonna sell it) XD but i want a #DS or dsi whats better?

  5. POMTIROTE says:

    por dios esta cosa es una mi3rda
    un verdadero gamer o conocedor save que un juego no es esto…….
    Si esto es un juego yo soy un conejo que abla

  6. sanix116 says:

    i’m gonna start playing at my Wii again ^^

  7. DxsilvrxD says:

    My causin helps make the wii and he has a ps3

  8. jordanthemonkey8 says:

    It’s been five years since Wii launched, wow time really flies doesn’t it?

  9. Helerray says:

    Get more info here: softmoddingthewii[dot]webege[dot]com

  10. Helerray says:

    Get more info here: softmoddingthewii[dot]webege[dot]com

  11. Helerray says:

    Get more info here: softmoddingthewii[dot]webege[dot]com

  12. MegaNekoxD says:

    Have someone just bought the Nintendo wii new ?????

  13. BLANKNOTING says:

    @nintendopow34 Which Vote!!! (A)-Wii Trailer Hate!!! (B)- Wii Joypad Love!!!

  14. cooldude8912 says:

    @sify365 Super Smash Bros Brawl isnt a third party it has 2 3rd party characters but thats it its from Nintendo more than anything

  15. TeenTV1231 says:

    thumbs up if its 2011 and your wathing this!

  16. BeakyRed says:

    @Wiintendoh because it has amazing exclusives, and their consoles don’t break as often as others. from what i know

  17. BeakyRed says:

    guys can we please just talk about the wii and nintendo stuff?

  18. sify365 says:

    Wii would surely have been the best console if it had better graphics…but there are still some good third party games like RE4,MAD WORLD,LOZ:TP,MPT,SUPER SMASH BRAWL…:-)

  19. ArleneLovph says:

    Quiero ese NintendoWii lo quiero lo quiero

  20. saiissai says:

    If you want one pleaze watch my video :o) i need referrals

  21. asassin87834848 says:

    @heliosrayne what about uncharted gears of war killzone halo forza gran turismo etc better tha mario more mario zelda etc

  22. eateroftheflame says:

    @dovydasdovis1 He’s right though, the Wii got the most game of the year awards in 2006, 2007 and 2010. The Wii has the 2nd highest number of exclusives with good reviews this generation, only the PC beats it.

  23. dovydasdovis1 says:

    @heliosrayne these are no good games ever thinked of mafia or L.A. Noire or maibe if you dont like shooters how about the clasics like colin mc rae dirt or Jumper- griffins story? and xbox 360 has it all and more awesome games those are just 4 of a milion it just proves xbox 360 is the best one what do you think about your fucking wii now???

  24. TastyTortilla says:


  25. cooldude8912 says:

    @Wiintendoh Because the third party support on Wii sucks and the games some are good but there are more bad games than good so it makes me regret i ever bought a Wii but now i am happy with my XBOX 360 amazing games amazing graphics :)

  26. sonnavabich says:

    The controller has even less than resolution than the vita, and the screen for wii u is bigger and so the vitas visuals are better than the controller nintendo has such high praise for.

  27. SBroproductions says:

    @MrTerryHomes Where in the world did you hear that?

  28. Sotendo360 says:

    @Nintendhater Not really crappy when it can run on Capcom’s Xbox 360 engine….

  29. MrTerryHomes says:


    I found technology Information acout the console::

    Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.

    768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU

    Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU

    Is this good or bad? Similiar to the PS3 or better?

  30. Nintendhater says:

    @SkaterKliff1991 Look in the mirror dude, people bitching at Nintendo are only telling the Truth.

  31. Nintendhater says:

    @UsurperZant9 You would have a waste of 100 bucks.

  32. Nintendhater says:

    @SBroproductions Yet, still better than the crappy 3ds graphics.

  33. GuysAndGaming says:

    Pc, Playstation, Xbox and Mac will pown this piece of shit!

  34. MrTerryHomes says:

    I found technology Information acout the console::

    Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.
    768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
    Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU

    Is this good or bad? Similiar to the PS3 or better?

  35. dragonknightshaun says:

    @SkaterKliff1991 Im also wondering, how portable is the controller, we see the person taking it around the house. but is that the only distance it can go. could i be sitting on the bus playing a wii game just on the controller?

  36. SkaterKliff1991 says:

    @dragonknightshaun Well if nintendo keeps its word, major 3rd party support will happen. And besides Resident Evil 5, the Wii saw a few good RE titles.Tekken, Ghost Recon Online, Dark Siders 2, Battlefield U, Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3, Killer Freak from Outerspace (looks good!), and Assassins Creed have been confirmed. So its doing a good job so far, and the games are built for the Wii U itself. I can see it being successful as a system.

  37. PlayAndCraft says:

    How much its Cost

  38. mclarenguy22 says:

    This WILL be expensive, people!

  39. ryanspellcaster says:

    This thing looks soooooo awesome. There is just four thing’s in general i would love to see on this thing. Blu-ray disc compatibility, Skype video calling, HD 1080p quality, and a feature where you can download games onto the new controller and take them on the road. That would be THE ultimate gaming system!

  40. SBroproductions says:

    @dragonknightshaun Don’t think so. But considering that the Wii U ‘s prototype has a Radeon HD 4XXX they could very well just port the PC version of the game without any downgrades.

  41. dragonknightshaun says:

    @SBroproductions I just looked…very pleased, woot for ninja gaiden and tekken. might sound abit fanboy but i wonder if they will put skyrim on the Wii U

  42. SBroproductions says:

    @dragonknightshaun Check out the Wii U game line-up video. I think you will be pleased.

  43. dragonknightshaun says:

    @SkaterKliff1991 tho, i am worried about what games will be out on the Wii U, while I like the interactive sports games, I don’t know how many adult games like resident evil will come out on it. Its one of the reasons i never got the Wii was because Nintendo sells more to the child and pre-teen and family crowd then the adult/teen crowd who want to play some violent games. hopefully they will broaden the spectrum abit and add some more, tho i didn’t mind starwars force unleashed on the Wii

  44. SkaterKliff1991 says:

    @dragonknightshaun You sir are the first xbox fanboy who has earned my youtube respect. I always see an xbox fanboy talking down to nintendo ignorantly or irrelevent topics. I myself am no fanboy of any console, but i like nintendo’s consoles the most. I like the xbox 360, ps3, and wii. They all have pros and cons, but you enjoy the systems for its games and abilities.

  45. WarNiko1337 says:

    @PhilippmagFuss Ja genaaaaaaau xD

  46. dragonknightshaun says:

    @SkaterKliff1991 I agree with you, I myself am a xbox 360 and computer user, If i ever make a slight on the ps3 or wii i only say it in jest. I myself wouldnt mind buying the Wii U its an interesting concept rather like a tower computer connected to a tablet pc, its the maneuverability and media options that i like. I think i would buy the Wii U even if i myself am a xbox fanboy.

  47. veeeff says:

    o_o eu queroooooo

  48. UsurperZant9 says:

    um… what happens if you sit or drop this thing?

  49. SBroproductions says:

    @Anonrickroll1 PSVita can’t do 1080p. Hell its can’t even do 720p.

  50. SkaterKliff1991 says:

    @PalacePlayer thank you lol. Just making a valid point

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